Airtel Black Plans | Airtel black custom plan | Airtel black 998 plan details

Airtel Black Plans | Airtel black custom plan | Airtel black 998 plan details

Telecommunications company Bharti Airtel in the last 2 July, Friday it announced a new all-in-one Airtel Black plan for its customers. This plan allows customers to connect their postpaid mobile Direct-to-Home (DTH) and fiber services under one bill.

The company claims the new plan will permit its customers to combine two or more Airtel products (Fiber, DTH, Mobile) together to form Airtel Black. Customers will no longer need to pay for different fees for the different Airtel services.

“It entitles the customer for one single bill, one Customer Care number with a dedicated team of relationship managers, and priority resolution of faults and issues,” according to the web page.

What is Airtel Black?

As previously mentioned, Airtel Black is for customers who are using one or more of the services provided by the telecom provider, such as Airtel postpaid services, Airtel Xstream fiber, along Airtel Digital TV. Subscribers to all three or two services may combine them in an Airtel Black plan to simplify billing and provide customer support for all services.

Airtel customers can upgrade to Airtel Black without cost and with no installation fees. Airtel Black offers a single bill and a single contact center for every service, which improves users’ experience. Furthermore, Airtel Black users will receive a dedicated relationship manager to ensure priority resolution, a quick call selection time of 60 seconds, or a guaranteed call-back. Airtel Black also offers free service visits to all services provided to Airtel Black members.

  • One Bill
  • One Call Center
  • Dedicated Relationship Team
  • Priority Resolution
  • Call pick-up in 60 seconds or call back
  • Zero switching costs
  • Zero installation costs
  • Free Service Visits for all services bundled together
  • Get Airtel Xstream Box at no extra cost
  • Buy now & Pay Later on Airtel Shop

How can I add accounts/services under Airtel Black plans?

You can add accounts or services such as Airtel Postpaid, Airtel Xstream Fiber and Airtel DTH on the Airtel Black plan through the My Home section.
This is accessible by clicking the Airtel Black plan banner on the home page of the Thank You App. You can also sign up on any brand new services at any time at any time and then include it in you Airtel Black plan.

How do I make a common payment for all my accounts/services under Airtel Black plans? 

Airtel Black plan lets you make a single payment for all accounts/services added by you in a few simple steps. The bill for the Airtel Black plan can be viewed and paid from the Bill section of Thanks app.

Airtel Black Plans | Airtel black custom plan | Airtel black 998 plan details

  • Airtel Black has been launched in India for broadband, postpaid and DTH customers.
  • It allows users to join Airtel Postpaid, Airtel Xstream, and Airtel Digital TV subscriptions under one subscription
  • Airtel Black Fixed Plans begin from Rs 998 and increase to 2,099 rupees

The government of India launched Airtel Black as a redesigned One Airtel service by the Bharti Mittal-owned operator. Similar to One Airtel, Airtel Black lets users connect Airtel postpaid Xstream Fiber and Airtel Digital TV DTH services, or two of them for reduced billing and additional benefits. It also comes with advantages like one bill and one phone center, a dedicated team for relationship management, free service visits, and a free Airtel Xstream box.

Not to be missed, Airtel launched Airtel Home in 2018 and was later updated to One Airtel. It appears this means that One Airtel service will now be available under the name Airtel Black. The operator will hold an event for press on July 2nd. After which it is expected to announce that Airtel Black will replace this One Airtel service. Let’s look at all the specifications regarding Airtel Black. Airtel Black.

Airtel black 998 plan details

The Airtel Black Rs 998 plan is the most basic plan that is available for customers. It allows users to mix postpaid with DTH services on one account. It is possible to combine two postpaid numbers with one DTH connection using this plan.

Airtel Black Rs 1,349 plan details 

Next is the 1 349 Rs Airtel Black Plan, which is identical to the plan that costs Rs 998. Users can, however, connect three mobile postpaid connections and one DTH connection when they sign up for this plan.

Airtel Black Rs 1,598 plan details 

This Airtel Black Rs 1,598 plan is a Fiber + Mobile package that is easy to understand. Customers can add the two Airtel postpaid connections and an Airtel Xstream fiber connection to one bill through this plan.

Airtel Black Rs 2,099 plan details 

This Airtel Black Rs 2,099 plan is the highest-end plan available. It is referred to as All In One. Airtel Black users who subscribe to this plan can connect three postpaid services, three postpaid, one Airtel Xstream Fiber, and an Airtel Digital TV DTH connection. Based on the title, Airtel users opting for this plan can combine the three services into one relationship.

How can I make a Airtel black custom plan?

Airtel lets users design their own customized Airtel Black plan from the Airtel Thanks app. Here are the steps required to make a customized Airtel Black plan in the app.

  1. Install this Airtel Thanks app from the Play Store as well as the App Store
  2. Install the application on your smartphone and sign in using your Airtel number.
  3. Do the OTP verification.
  4. You’ll notice Airtel Black banner; click on it.
  5. You are now able to select and mix services to
  6. Users can also sign up for new services and add them to their Airtel Black plan.

The benefits of the Airtel Black plan

As we mentioned earlier, Airtel Black lets users combine multiple services into one connection. This makes it easier to bill and customer support, apart from these additional advantages from Airtel Black as listed below.

  1. Free 30 days equal to the value of the bill rental for every new service that is availed when creating an Airtel Black customized plan
  2. If the customer decides to switch to an upgrade to Airtel Digital TV when they decide to switch over to Airtel Black, The Airtel Xstream Box will be given for free with a one-year guarantee. A security deposit that is refundable of Rs. One thousand five hundred will be required.
  3. There aren’t any costs for switching, installation, or activation charges for new connections.

How do I pay my Airtel Black plan bill?

One of the USP for Airtel Black Airtel Black products allows users to pay in one payment for all accounts created by the service. The bill can be paid through Airtel Thanks. Airtel Thanks app in a couple of easy steps.

  1. Get this Airtel Thanks app from the Play Store and App Store.
  2. Start the application on your smartphone and sign in using your Airtel number.
  3. Completion of the OTP verification
  4. Click on the section Bill section in the app.
  5. You’ll find the entire bill on the next page.
  6. Select Pay Bill and then make payment for Airtel Black plan bill

How to get Airtel Black

1. Download the Airtel Thank app and get a Airtel Black plan or make your own plan by bundling your existing services

2. Visit the Airtel store near you and our teams will help you get on to Airtel Black

3. Give a missed call on 8826655555 and a Airtel executive will reach out to to you to upgrade you to Airtel Black

4. For more details visit

About Airtel

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