Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)

Airtel broadband charges 2022

Plan NameData FUPSpeedCallingMonthly RentalExtra Benifits
BasicUnlimited InternetUp to 40MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹499Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)
StandardUnlimited InternetUp to 100MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹799Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)
EntertainmentUnlimited InternetUp to 200MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹999Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)
ProfessionalUnlimited InternetUp to 300MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹1499Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)
InfinityUnlimited InternetUp to 1GbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹3999Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)

Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)

  • Airtel broadband plans in India start at just Rs 499 per month. This includes five programs available in various price ranges. All projects have data caps at 3.3TB, and after that, the plans offer data speeds of around 1Mbps. Airtel competes with Jio Fiber in India in broadband and has programs that are compelling to take on the Mukes Ambani’s ISP.
  • Airtel changed its Xstream Fiber plans last year to compete with Jio Fiber plans in India. Jio provides “unlimited” data starting at Rs 399for speed of download and upload symmetrically 14 and bundle OTT subscriptions. Let’s look at how the new Airtel broadband plan compares with JioFiber plans for India.

The complete listing of Airtel broadband Fiber unlimited broadband plans

  1. Airtel broadband Unlimited plan: Rs 499
  2. Airtel broadband Premium plan: Rs 799
  3. Airtel broadband Entertainment plan: Rs 999
  4. Airtel broadband Ultra plan: Rs 1,499
  5. Airtel broadband VIP plan: Rs 3,999

What exactly is Airtel broadband ?

Airtel broadband Fiber is a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband internet service provided by the telecom provider. Airtel introduced the service in the year 2019 and has since extended it to more than ten cities.

Airtel Secure Internet: price, benefits

Airtel has introduced a brand new service for Xstream Fiber users called Secure Internet. As per the company, India saw an increase of 300 percent in cyber-attacks in the last year. About 59 % of Indians were victims of cybercrime during the past year. To protect its users from cyberattacks, Airtel Secure Internet uses Airtel’s security system for networks to stop the spread of malware and phishing sites and other apps in real-time.

The Secure Internet service offers a variety of security features, such as studies and child-safe settings, to protect children from explicit and inappropriate content. Airtel Secure Internet is priced at just Rs 99 per month. The service is offered at no cost for the first 30 days, following which it’s charged using an Xstream Fiber connection. The service is activated and then deactivated using Airtel Thanks. Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel broadband charges charges

Airtel does not have the exact cost of activation on its site. Airtel broadband Fiber installation charges differ based on your location and will be made clear to you before the installation. If you choose an option of 6/12 months, you’ll receive a reduction on the broadband installation charges and will also be eligible for a guaranteed discount.

However, new customers will be required to pay a once-only refundable security fee of —1500 to purchase these Airtel broadband setup-top boxes currently available as part of all plans.

Airtel broadband Fiber router price

According to Airtel’s website, the router is available at no cost, regardless of which plan you select. This applies to every area in which Airtel broadband services are available, except Dehradun. For new customers living in Dehradun, Airtel will inform you of the router’s price before installation.

Airtel broadband plans

In terms of plans, Airtel broadband now has five different methods to fit various budgets and usage scenarios. Below are the specifics of the Airtel Xtream plans, including their costs and advantages.

Airtel broadband Fiber Rs 499 Unlimited broadband plan

Airtel broadband Fiber Unlimited Plan starts at 499 Rs per month.

The basic Airtel The Xstream Unlimited broadband plan provides unlimited data with up to 40Mbps speeds. There’s also a FUP (fair utilization policy) in place, with a data limit of 3.3TB. After the FUP limit is exhausted, customers will benefit from unlimited data at only 1,024Kbps. In addition to the data plan, customers will also receive unlimited voice calling services across India.

Users can enjoy free memberships for Airtel broadband , Wynk Music, and Shaw Academy. It is worth noting that the Airtel broadband app offers access to OTT platforms such as Voot Basic, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Shemaroo Me, and Ultra. Airtel offers Xstream DTH boxes that come with a free HD pack for a month in this plan.

Airtel broadband Price for Fiber Unlimited broadband plan

The Airtel broadband Unlimited broadband plan retails for the price of Rs 499 per month.

Airtel broadband Fiber Rs 799 Premium broadband plan

Airtel broadband The Fiber Premium plan starts at 799 rupees per month.

This Airtel price of Rs. 799 Xstream plan offers the same benefits as the Unlimited plan, such as unlimited data, capped at 3.3TB, and unlimited calls. The speed provided under this package is set to 100Mbps instead of 40Mbps. Other benefits remain the same as an unlimited broadband plan for Rs 499.

Airtel broadband the Fiber Premium plan for the broadband cost

The Airtel broadband Premium broadband plan includes monthly rentals of 799 Rs.

Airtel broadband Fiber Rs . 999 Entertainment broadband plan

Airtel broadband Fiber Entertainment Plan is priced at Rs. 999 per month

Airtel has announced that its price of Rs. 999 for the Xstream Fiber plans is its most popular plan sold in the nation. The name implies that this Airtel broadband Fiber Entertainment broadband plan is targeted at multimedia enthusiasts. The program comes with 200Mbps speeds for data, a data cap of 3.3TB, and unlimited phone calling benefits. This plan has more data speed at 200Mbps and comes with additional OTT benefits too.

The plan also comes with the same benefits as Rs 499 and Rs 799 Airtel broadband Broadband subscriptions, including Airtel broadband , Wynk Music, and Shaw Academy subscription. Airtel broadband is the Airtel broadband app that gets an additional Lionsgate OTT to benefit apart from Voot Basic, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Shemaroo Me, and Ultra.

In addition to the free one-month HD pack with an Xstream DTH box, Airtel offers an annual subscription to Amazon Prime for customers on this package. Airtel will also provide a Disney+ Hotstar Mobile subscription with any broadband plan above $999.

Airtel broadband Fiber Entertainment broadband plan cost

Its Airtel broadband Fiber Entertainment broadband plan costs Rs. 999 per month.

Airtel broadband Fiber Rs 1,499 Ultra-broadband plan

The Airtel broadband Fi Ultra plan is priced at Rs. 1,499 per month

The Airtel broadband fiber ultra-broadband plans are among the most expensive programs offered by the company that provides services. It comes with speeds up to 300 Mbps. The other benefits of the Ultra plan are similar to the Entertainment plan described above.

Airtel broadband Fiber Ultra-broadband plan cost

The Airtel Fiver Ultra-broadband plan will cost you 1 499 rupees per month.

Airtel broadband Fiber Rs 3,999 VIP broadband plan

Airtel broadband Fiber VIP Plan costs 3999 rupees per month.

The highest-end Airtel broadband Fiber VIP broadband plan provides high-speed data at 1Gbps. It shares its benefits with the previous two methods.

Airtel broadband Fiber VIP broadband plan cost

The highest-end plan is available at a cost per month of 3999 rupees.

Airtel broadband charges charges is free

Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)


Airtel broadband charges charges with Top Speed in the Industry

Go through the high-speed internet over our existing Fiber Broad Band connection across multiple devices.

Airtel x stream Fiber gives you fiber-optic online connection altering your everyday BroadBand connection experience with highspeed internet. Airtel enables you to love the fastest broadband connection at having a rate of around 1 Gbps, so once you join broadband, then you can find faster downloads and No Buffering of the internet.

Airtel broadband charges (January 2022)

  • This FTTH (Fiber to a Home ) technology offers you fully-dedicated fiberoptic cable different web bundles, which join up to ten Devices by means of a professional-grade wi fi router-modem.
  • Unlimited online plans like Ultra comprise up to 1 Gbps rate, infinite local/STD calls, and more to the point, Amazon Prime and Airtel x stream subscription. Now to Find a free Wi-Fi modem house, join Broad Band and Revel in High-speed net, amusement, data treasure, and much more, with no compromises.


Airtel Broadband

Step into the future of unlimited broadband plans with Airtel fibernet technology. Experience the high-speed internet on our existing Fiber broadband connection in across multiple devices.


Airtel Xstream Fiber offers you with Fiber optic internet connection transforming your daily broadband connection experience with high-speed internet. Airtel allows you to enjoy the fastest broadband connection in with a speed of up to 1 Gbps, which means once you connect broadband, you will get faster downloads and less buffering.


This FTTH (Fiber to home) technology provides you with fully-dedicated Fiber optic cable different internet packages, which connect up to 10 devices via a professional-grade Wi-Fi router-modem. These internet packages in offer faster HD video streaming, heavy file downloads, and uploads.


Unlimited internet plans such as Ultra include upto 1 Gbps speed, unlimited local/STD calls and more importantly, Amazon Prime and Airtel Xstream subscription. Now to get free Wi-Fi router home, connect broadband and enjoy high-speed internet, entertainment, information treasure and more, without compromises

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Postpaid & Broadband Disney+ Hotstar Offer – Terms & Conditions

By redeeming Airtel’s Disney+ Hotstar VIP 1 year offer (“Offer”), the customer would agree to the following terms & conditions –

  1. Offers under Airtel Thanks are being provided by Bharti Airtel Limited (“Airtel”) to only Airtel Mobility & Broadband subscribers in India.
  2. Offer eligibility: The offer is extended to select Airtel customers only and is only available on Rs 499 and above Postpaid plans or Rs. 999 and above Broadband plans.
  3. Customers can check their eligibility for the Offer on the Thanks page of their Airtel Thanks app.
  4. Customers can only avail of the Offer once against each of the eligible Postpaid and Broadband plans independently.
  5. Offer details: Customers will get a 1 Year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP.
  6. Offer activation: Go to Airtel Thanks App and click on the Disney+ Hotstar VIP card within the Thanks page.
  7. Post the 1 year Offer period customer’s subscription to Disney+ Hotstar VIP will cease.
  8. When a Customer downgrades from eligible plans on Postpaid or Broadband, the Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription benefits will be removed
  9. When a Customer ceases to hold an active account with Airtel – Postpaid or Broadband on an eligible plan, they will no longer be able to access the Offer.
  10. The benefits under this Offer are non-transferable. No exchange or redemption for an equivalent cash amount or in any other form shall be allowed.
  11. Airtel has no liability whatsoever in respect of any claims or disputes and any resulting damages or losses, whether direct or indirect, relating to the subscriber availing, not receiving, or subscriber’s use of the offer.
  12. These Terms and Conditions shall constitute an agreement between Airtel and each subscriber. By subscribing to the Offer, subscriber accepts the same as binding upon him/her
  13. Any issues related to claims, issues, damages or losses with regards to the quality or functionality of the Disney+ Hotstar VIP content access should be escalated to Novi. Airtel will not be responsible for the Disney+ Hotstar VIP content access and content availability. Novi will not be responsible or liable in case the Hotstar VIP content access is not configured or could not be availed due to malfunction, delay, traffic congestion on any telephone network or line, computer on-line system, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, or website.
  14. Airtel reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify these Terms & Conditions or any part thereof at any time without prior notice, if so required in view of business exigencies and/or guidelines issued/amended by TRAI, Department of Telecom (DOT) and/or such other statutory agency that changes applicable to Airtel, and the same shall be binding on the subscribers who have recharged under this offer. The customer shall also be bound by Novi’s terms and conditions for access to Disney+Hotstar VIP Content as available on its []. Novi reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the aforementioned terms & conditions or any part thereof at any time without prior notice, if so required in view of business exigencies and/or guidelines issued/amended by any statutory agency that changes applicable to Disney+ Hotstar, and the same shall be binding on the Airtel pre-paid subscribers who have recharged under this offer.
  15. Any changes in the Terms will be posted on (“Website”) & the customer is advised to check this Website regularly for any update(s) or amendment(s) made to these Terms and Conditions.
  16. Airtel will be entitled to postpone, suspend, modify or cancel the Gift Voucher Offer or any aspect thereof, across the entire territories of service or any part thereof, at any time before or during the Offer with or without notice, for any reason, including, but not limited to, acts of God, force majeure, technical difficulties, or any other reasons beyond Airtel’s reasonable control. If Airtel suspends or cancels the Offer in the interim, all aspects of the Offer shall be null and void. Airtel will not be liable to compensate any customer for any postponement or cancellation or for any reason directly or indirectly arising out of Offer.
  17. Any dispute or claim (contractual or non-contractual) arising out of or in relation to this agreement, including disputes as to its formation, will be governed by and construed in accordance with Indian laws. Subject to the point above, Airtel and the customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi alone
  18. In addition to the limitations mentioned in this document, in no event will Airtel or our directors, managers, officers, employees, agents or other representatives be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, or any other damages of any kind, arising out of or related to this offer. Total liability, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall not exceed the last fee paid by the customer.
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