Airtel data balance check | How to check airtel data balance

Airtel data balance check | How to check airtel data balance

There was a time when telcos could provide an email when your balance of data was close to being exhausted and gave you plenty of time to recharge and use data connectivity. But now that they’ve stopped doing this, the users have to keep an eye on their own. For those who are Airtel customers, You’ll need to verify your balance by hand.

Airtel provides a variety of options to verify their data balances for postpaid and prepaid connections. However, looking up airtel 4g data balance check is an easy process. To simplify checking your credit, here are some simple steps to verify your Airtel balance of data.

Airtel Thanks application for  airtel postpaid data balance check ,Airtel offers a simple and interactive application known as Airtel Thanks that allows users to check every information about the details of their Airtel account. This is the most efficient method of checking your Airtel account balance. Here are the steps to determine your Airtel balance of data using the Airtel Thanks app.

  1. Install Airtel Thanks app from Play Store or App Store. Airtel Thanks app from the Play Store and App Store
  2. Start this app from your phone and sign in using your Airtel number.
  3. You’ll find your balance and validity and details about your Talktime at the top of the page.
  4. Touch the card that contains information, and you’ll see the options associated with your Airtel number, including balance of data transactions history, balance, and much more.
  5. Click Data Balance to see details of your data balance within your account

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How to check airtel data balance with USSD codes?

Airtel also provides a variety of USSD codes that its customers can use to check their data balance. Here is a list of principles that can be used for checking the internet data balance for Airtel.

  1. Prepaid customers may dial *123*10# to verify their balance on the Airtel net. Airtel net balance
  2. All Airtel customers, including postpaid customers, may dial *121# to check the balance of data.
  3. If you’re a 2G customer, it is possible to dial *123*9# to determine the internet balance.

How to verify Airtel balance of data on the website

Airtel website. Airtel also offers an online self-care portal where customers can review the information on your Airtel account. Below are some steps you can take to look up the balance of your data via Airtel’s website.

  1. Visit the Airtel Self Care portal.
  2. Log in with Your Airtel Number and OTP or password.
  3. On the home page on the home page, you’ll have the ability to check your balance in terms of validity, the balance of data, and more.


How to utilize Airtel self-care services to determine Airtel data balance

In contrast to Jio as well as Vodafone, Airtel also offers something referred to “self care services”, that, while identical with the Airtel Thanks application but is a system that is web-based. You can use it to examine your Airtel balance of data.

  • Log in to your Airtel account through the website. If you are unable to find the self-care website simply Google “Airtel self care” and it’ll show up as the most popular search.
  • The site asks for your mobile number, and requires an OTP to log in Keep your phone close at hand when you need to log in.
  • The dashboard for self care is before you when you log in, and you are able to use it to verify the balance of your data.

Airtel data Balane Check Airtel Main Balance, SMS, Plan and Validity

Airtel provides a variety of ways in which you can quickly examine various things such as your principal balance and SMS balance, as well as the validity of your Airtel recharge plan, and the validity of your account. The application can be used by users or USSD codes to access the mentioned information. This is what you must do to verify the details of Airtel main balance plans, SMS, and validity

How to Check Airtel Main Balance

You can verify your Airtel balance with Airtel Thanks. Airtel Thanks application. Follow these steps:

  • Install and download it. Install the Airtel Thanks application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Log in to the application with an Airtel ID and OTP. Go back to the main screen, you will see your Airtel principal balance.

You can also use USD codes to check your primary Airtel balance. For that simply dial *123# in your dialler application and you will receive a pop-up that displays your Airtel principal balance.

How to Check Airtel SMS Balance

To check the status of your SMS balance, just follow the steps mentioned above. The users can download and install Airtel Thanks app. Once installed, users can download the Airtel Thanks app and go to the home screen and they will see the information regarding their SMS balance. Alternately, you can dial 1217# number to find the balance of your Airtel Balance of SMS.

How to Check Airtel Recharge Plan and Validity

Customers can also look up Airtel plan of recharge and its validity with the app as well as USSD code. To get started with the app, access the home screen and then click to view the balance of your main account. Here you will be able to see which Airtel recharge plan you’re currently using and the validity.

When it comes to USSD codes, one could dial 123# to verify validity of the Airtel phone number. Alternately, dial *1212# to find out the details of the validity of your recharge plan and its the validity.

How do I determine the Airtel 4G Dongle Balance?

Users can quickly check the Airtel 4G dongle’s balance by following these easy steps:

  • Turn to the Airtel device and join via your laptop.
  • Start the browser and enter That is the address for the Wi-Fi dongle.
  • Press Enter to be taken to your login page. It is the default password admin’. Enter it and then click login.
  • Now you will have the UI for your Airtel 4G dongle. Visit the information section, and then select the data usage. There you will find the remaining balance, validity, and your pack’s name.

How can I determine Airtel 4G bandwidth?

You can easily test the speed of your internet connection on the Airtel account by installing the speed test application on your phone. You can utilize different applications like Ookla Speedtest, and more to determine the speed of upload and download on your Airtel network.

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