Airtel dth recharge plans (January 2022)

Airtel Dth recharge plans

  • AP Value Lite SD Pack (Telugu): 73 Channels
  • Dabang Sports Pack (Hindi): 97 Channels
  • Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack (Kannada): 83 Channels
  • Kerala Value Lite SD Pack (Malayalam): 68 Channels
  • TN Value Lite SD Pack (Tamil): 86 Channels
  • Kerala Value Lite 6M pack (Malayalam): 68 Channels
  • Hindi Value Lite 6M pack (Hindi): 74 Channels
  • WB HD 6M pack (Bengali): 49 Channels
  • Karnataka plus 6M pack (Kannada): 67 Channels
  • TN Value Lite 6M pack (Tamil): 81 Channels
  • AP Value Lite 6M pack (Telugu): 73 Channels

1. AP Value Lite SD Pack (Telugu – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)

The first one is an AP Value Lite SD Pack It is priced at Rs 299 and comes with more than 773 channels which include 19 Telugu channels as well as 2 Malayalam channels and one Hindi news channel one Hindi movie channel 3 infotainment channels 1 channel for music, four sports channels, and one English news channel.

In addition, the plan includes 37 FTA (Free To Air) channels. Its validity for the AP Value Lite SD Pack is one month.

2. Dabang Sports Pack (Hindi):

The Dabang Sports Pack gives you access to 15 Hindi entertainment channels, 23 Hindi news channels, 9 Hindi movies channels, 2 kids channels, 5 music channels, 12 infotainment channels, 1 lifestyle channel, 2 Bhojpuri channels, 2 Punjabi channels, 3 North East channels, 2 English news channels, and 2 sports channels.

In addition, In addition, the Dabangg Sports Pack offers more than 220 FTA channels as well as DD channels at no cost. It is available for purchase at Dabangg Sports Pack is priced at 295 Rs per month. If that you charge it up for six months, you’ll receive access for 15 days no cost. A recharge of 11 months will give you a whole month at no cost.

3. Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack (Kannada – Karnataka)

The Karnataka Value Lite SD Airtel DTH recharge plan includes 83 channels, which comprise 12 Kannada channels as well as 4 sports channels. 1 Tamil channel and 1 Malayalam channel and five English news channels and 4 Hindi film channels and 31 Hindi news channels four music channels and 3 kid channels 41 FTA channels along with those paid channels.

Its Karnataka Value Lite SD plan is priced at 292 rupees per month. It is the least expensive plan of the plans we’ve selected to compile our list of the top Airtel DTH plans for 2021.

4. Kerala Value Lite SD Pack (Malayalam – Kerala)

The Kerala Value Lite DTH plan by Airtel offers 72 channels that include 1 Hindi Entertainment channel, 29 Hindi News channels, 1 Hindi Movies Channel, 4 Sports Channels, 1 Music Channel, 3 English News Channels, 3 Knowledge & Lifestyle Channels, 3 Kids Channels, 3 Tamil Channels, 2 Telugu Channels, 2 Kannada Channels, 11 Malayalam Channels, 1 Gujarati Channel, 2 Bengali Channels, and 6 Others Channels. Kerala Value Lite SD Airtel DTH plan is priced at 289 rupees per month.

5. TN Value SD Pack (Tamil Tamil Nadu) Tamil Nadu)

The TN Value Lite SD DTH plan (for Tamil Nadu) by Airtel offers the channels of 86 and a validity of one month. The price starts at around INR 280. The plan offers 21 Tamil channels 29 Hindi news channels, 10 infotainment channels, five English news channels three sports channels, one Hindi entertainment channel 1 Hindi film channel, six kids channels, and 3 music channels as well as a variety of other channels. This TN Value Lite SD package will cost you Rs. 280 per month.

Airtel Dth recharge plans with 6 Months of Validity (Effective Price under 300 Rs)

1. Kerala ValueLite 6M pack

Airtel Kerala Value Lite long-term plan is priced at 1542 rupees over 180 days. It means that customers be paying Rs 257 per month for six months to avail the package. In terms of benefits, you can get twelve Hindi News channels, 12 Malayalam channels 9 infotainment channels, five sports and 4 Telugu 4, 4 Tamil 3 children 3 kids, 3 Kannada, and much more. The package overall has the 68 channels listed, but they are all SD only.

2. Hindi Value Lite 6M pack

It is the Hindi Value Lite pack by Airtel that also includes the option of a 6-month subscription. It is priced at a cost of 13566 rupees. The pack will cost you $226 per month. The Value Lite plan offers 24 Hindi News channels, 12 Hindi entertainment, 7 infotainment, 5 Hindi movies, 4 music, and more. It means that customers will have access to an entire 74 channels available to view when they subscribe to this plan.

3. WB HD 6M pack (West Bengal)

Its WB HD 6M package from Airtel Digital TV is priced at Rs 1,381 per 6 months. It means that the package is priced at just 230 rupees per month. The package includes 49 channels of which five of which include HD channels, six are Bengali 10 Hindi News 5 Infotainment channels, 4 Hindi entertainment channels, 3 Urdu 2, Telugu, and many more.

4. Karnataka Plus 6M pack

This Airtel Karnataka Plus 6M pack includes a price of $1111 for 180 days. The plan will cost at 185.16 each month to customers, making it a bargain of a price. The plan comes with an array of 67 channels. The list includes 13 Kannada channels, 12 Hindi News channels, 9 infotainment, 5 sports, 4 Urdu, 3 Hindi entertainment, 3 News, 3 kids, and more.

5. 6M pack of TN Value Lite (Tamil Nadu)

Moving forward further, you can purchase the TN ValueLite 6M package by the company is priced at 1521 rupees for six months. The pack includes the following channels: 81 channels, including 22 Tamil channels and 12 Hindi news channels, 10, infotainment channels 6 Kids and 4 Hindi entertainment channels, 4 Urdu, and much more. This DTH package will become offered in the amount of Rs 253 per month.

6. AP Value Lite 6M pack (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana)

We also have AP Value Lite 6M bundle by the DTH operator. The plan’s price is 16,000 rupees for six months. It means that the users are required to pay. 274 rupees per month for this plan. The DTH package includes seventy channels which include 21 Telugu and 12 Hindi news 9 infotainment, 5, sports 4 Urdu 4, four Hindi entertainment channels, two news 1, 1 children channel, and much more.

Airtel dth recharge plans less than 300 rupees (With Max Channels)

The name of the planPriceThe number of channels availableValidity Period
AP Value Lite SD Pack (Telugu)Rs29973 channels1 month
Dabangg Sports Pack (Hindi)Rs29597 channels1-month (more benefits if you recharge to 6/12 months)
Karnataka Value Lite SD Pack (Kannada)Rs29283 channels1 month
Kerala Value Lite SD Pack (Malayalam)Rs28972 channels1 month
The TN Value Lite SD Pack (Tamil)Rs27781 channels1 month
Kerala ValueLite 6M packRs154268 channels6 months
Hindi Value Lite 6M packRs135674 channels6 months
The WB HD pack contains 6M of WBRs138149 channels6 months
Karnataka plus 6M packRs111167 channels6 months
6M pack of TN Value LiteRs152181 channels6 months
6M pack of AP Value LiteRs164873 channels6 months
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