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Airtel Kenya Bundles 

Airtel kenya | Airtel kenya internet bundles


Airtel provides a range of bundles of data and voice services, SMS and broadband. The company also offers its services at competitive rates that make them accessible to users with all levels of income.

Below are the different Airtel bundles you can buy.


Daily Bundles

BundlesCost (Ksh)Validity Duration
70MB1024 Hours
200MB + FREE WhatsApp2024 Hours
500MB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB5024 Hours
2GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 500MB9924 Hours

Seven-Days Bundles

BundlesCost (Ksh)
350MB + FREE WhatsApp50
750MB + FREE WhatsApp100
2.5GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 3.5GB250
6GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 3.5GB500

30-Days Bundles

BundlesCost (Ksh)
3GB + FREE WhatsApp300
5GB + FREE WhatsApp500
12GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB1000
20GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB1500
30GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB2000
50GB + FREE WhatsApp + FREE 15GB3000

90-Days Bundles

BundlesCost (Ksh)

With The Amazing Data Bundles package, Airtel gives customers 500MB per day to purchase bundles of their choice. Additionally, Airtel offers free WhatsApp for those who purchase specific bundles. Below is a summary on the Amazing Data Bundles.

Be aware that the telecom provider caps their free WhatsApp data to 50MB each day. In addition, you can carry over unused bundles by renewing them prior to or before the date of expiry. The free 500MB doesn’t roll over. If you purchase weekly and monthly bundles with 500MB of free data, it will be reset every day at midnight.

Customers can choose to buy bundles with auto-renewal or as an one-time option. If you don’t purchase bundles, Airtel will charge your Ksh0.2 per MB.

A crucial thing to remember is that you’ll get the free 500MB first when you purchase a bundle that is eligible for this promotion. Additionally, you can give another number a bundle of free 500MB.

To purchase any of these bundles of data call *544#.

Kopa Internet

BundlePrice (Sh)Service Fee (Sh)Amount Owed (Sh)Validity
70MB101111 day
200MB + FREE WhatsApp202221 day
2GB + FREE WhatsApp99111101 day
350MB + FREE WhatsApp505557 days
750MB + FREE WhatsApp100101107 days
2.5GB + FREE WhatsApp250252757 days

Voice Bundles

Customers can enjoy the Tubonge voice bundle that offers free Airtel to Airtel calls. Tubonge is an affordable prepaid bundle with the following fees:

Subscription Cost (Ksh)Airtel to AirtelOther Networks (Ksh)Validity
10FREE2 + tax24 hours
50FREE2 + tax7 days
150FREE2 + tax30 days


The service lets customers who use data to borrow bundles with credit and then pay them back later if they are out of bundles and do not have enough airtime to purchase the bundle. The funds are returned after the user tops up.

Customers can take out internet bundles, and pay it back in 72 hours.

How do I sign up to Kopa Internet:

Simply dial *544#.

Select Kopa Internet

You’ll get 100 minutes each day to make Airtel calls. Airtel calls. If you sign up to the seven-day option you’ll get 700 minutes, while you will get 3000 minutes for the 30 day option.

Remember that you’ll need to pay for phone calls with other providers once you purchase this bundle. Airtel Kenya has discounted the costs of calling other networks.

You can opt to renew this subscription automatically every day, weekly or even monthly. But, minutes that are not used cannot be used up.

After you’ve used up the 100 minutes daily the cost will be Sh2 per minute, plus tax. The 100 free minutes are will be reset at midnight every night for the 7-day and 30-day plans.

Additionally, you can sign up to Tubonge Plus. Tubonge Plus option. These are the bundles available:

BundlePrice (Ksh)ValidityAirtel to Airtel CallsOther NetworksData
Voice only2024 hoursFree10 minutes to all networksNone
Combo2024 hoursFreeSh2 + tax50MB

The voice only bundle gives you 100 minutes for Airtel to Airtel calls and 10 minutes to call all networks. Once you exhaust the 100 minutes, you will pay Sh0.5 per minute in addition to tax. The voice only bundle is available to prepaid and hybrid customers.

Unused Tubonge Plus minutes do not rollover. However, you can buy this bundle for someone else.

To get Tubonge and Tubonge Plus, dial *544#. Note that you cannot subscribe to both bundles at the same time.

Blended Bundles

Blended packages are among the competitive Airtel bundles. Customers get a blend of voice, SMS, and data with one plan.

Smart Postpaid

Below are the smart postpaid plans.

PlanCost (Ksh)Airtel to Airtel (Mins)Other Networks (Mins)SMSData
Smart 99999970030020007GB
Smart 1,4991,4991500500300012GB
Smart 1,9991,9992000800300020GB
Smart 2,9992,99960001500300040GB

Data bundles for these plans will rollover. Also, the bundle will not disconnect once you exhaust it. To subscribe to any of these plans, you should visit an Airtel shop with your ID. If you are a corporate, you should contact your relationship manager or email

The smart postpaid plans are valid for a month. In addition, you will pay Sh2.3 per minute and 30 cents per MB when your plan runs out.


Unliminet is a prepaid blended bundle that offers free WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook data up to 100MB each day and the following:

Daily Plan
PriceData (MB)SMSVoice (Min)
Weekly Plan
PriceDataSMSVoice (Min)
Monthly Plan
PriceDataSMSAirtel to Airtel Per Day (Min)Other Networks Per Month (Min)
10008 + FREE 15GB2,000400400
200020 + FREE 15GB10,00012001200

Unused bundles will rollover after renewal. Moreover, you will pay Sh0.2 per MB once you diminish your data.

UnlimiNet Hybrid

Here are the plans you can buy under this postpaid bundle:

Plan500 Hybrid1000 Hybrid2000 Hybrid
Cost (Ksh)5001000200
Minutes Across All Networks1504001200

These plans are valid for 30 days. To subscribe, fill in the contract form available on the website. You can send the filled form via email, or you can submit it to the nearest Airtel shop. Indicate your monthly usage limit when registering.

When you use up your plan, you will pay Sh2.3 per minute to all networks, Sh4 per MB, and Sh1 per SMS.

Subscribers should pay for their plan on the 21st of each month. If you fail to pay on time, Airtel will disconnect your plan.

Airtel Kenya SMS Bundles

Dial 5444# to get these bundles.

PriceAirtel to Airtel SMSSMS to Other NetworksValidity
101200Sh0.6 per SMS24 hours

To subscribe, dial *370#.

BundlePrice (Sh)SMSOffer
Daily 6363 off-net & 3 on-net
Daily 4054020 off-net & 20 on-net
Daily 25010250125 off-net & 125 on-net
Daily 50020500250 off-net & 250 on-net
Weekly 50030500250 off-net & 250 on-net
Monthly 1500751500750 off-net & 750 on-net

Roaming Bundles

You can access several roaming bundles when travelling outside Kenya. Airtel allows customers to buy the bundles before leaving the country or while travelling. Below are the bundles you can buy.

One Airtel Data Bundle

BundlePrice (Sh)DataValidity
One Airtel Data 10GB110010GB30 days
One Airtel Data 20GB210020GB30 days

You can use this bundle in 15 countries.

Global Data Bundle

BundlePrice (Sh)DataValidity
Global Data 500MB1000500MB3 days
Global Data 1.5GB30001.5GB7 days

The bundle covers over 20 countries.

One Airtel Pan-Africa Bundle

BundlePrice (Sh)DataMinutes

You can use the Pan-Africa bundle in 16 countries.

Rwanda-Uganda Bundle

Customers can use these bundles when travelling to Rwanda or Uganda.

BundleVoiceDataPrice (Sh)
5 days50 minutes100MB500
14 days100 minutes100MB1000
PlanSMSDataPrice (Sh)
5 days50100MB500
14 days100100MB1000

Global Roaming Bundle

You can get SMS, data, and voice with this bundle.

BundleSMSDataVoicePrice (Sh)
7 days1010MB10 minutes800
30 days50500MB50 minutes6000

Airtel has listed on its website the countries that each bundle covers.

Airtel Kenya Broadband Bundles

If you want to install internet in your home or office, you can buy the Airtel 4G SmartBox. Below the bundles for this product.

BundlePrice (Sh)Validity
40GB200030 days
70GB300030 days
100GB400030 days

On the other hand, you can buy the 4G pocket Wi-Fi. Airtel offers the following bundles for this product:

BundlePrice (Sh)Validity
12GB100030 days
20GB150030 days
30GB200030 days
48GB300030 days
120GB600090 days
200GB900090 days
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