Airtel port number

These are the steps that will allow you to port your phone number.

1.First, choose which service provider you would like to port your phone number to.

2.To TRAI’s central number 1900 for mobile number portability, send the following text message – PORT. Followed by your 10-digit phone number.

Example: Send the message “PORT 98xxxxxx98”, to 1900. A SMS with a port-out code will be sent to you. It will remain valid for just 15 days.

3.Go to your nearest operator shop and tell them that you would like to port your sim. The operator store will complete the porting and customer acquisition forms to port your sim into the network.

A passport-size photograph and a self-attested proof of identity are also recommended. A copy of your rent agreement, landline, electricity, or three-month bank statement can be submitted as proof of address.

4.Next, you will need to send your completed porting form along with your CAF and requisite documentation proof to the operator.

5.Submit a pay copy of the last bill you received if you are a postpaid subscriber along with the porting forms and CAF.

6.Once all formalities are completed, get your SIM card at the new service provider. Porting will cost you anywhere from Rs 18 to Rs 19 depending on the service provider.

7.It takes approximately seven working days for the entire process to be completed. Jammu & Kashmir (Assam) and North East may require up to 15 days.

You will receive an SMS from your new mobile provider confirming the porting date and time.

8.After the date and time specified, replace your old SIM with a new SIM from your new mobile service provider.

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