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Airtel wifi calling

Airtel wifi calling  is offered nationwide throughout all the circle (Except J&K) on all broadband providers. Would you please check your handset’s capabilities below?

Prerequisites: wifi Calling Capable Handset & 4G SIM

Wifi Calling Capable Handset

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Airtel 4G SIM

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Enabling Process: Update to Latest Software – Switch VoLTE ON – Switch wifi Calling ON.


Upgrade OS Software

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Enable VoLTE Switch

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Enable wifi Calling Switch

Airtel was the first company in telecom to provide wifi calling service to India. It was announced in April, and Airtel has recently updated its list of cities to offer their wifi. The calling service will be accessible. This step-by-step guide will help you to activate Airtel wifi calling calling on devices like Android as well as iOS devices:

How do I activate Airtel wifi calling?

Since it was announced that the Airtel wifi calling calling service was made available to the general public, many users were looking for information on how to enable wifi calling for their phones. If your device’s operating system supports calling via wifi and you have the Airtel SIM connectivity, turning on this wifi call feature in your phone is easy. Here’s a step by procedure guide to enable wifi calling for each version of iOS or Android:

How do I enable Airtel wifi calling on Android?

  • To enable Airtel wifi calling calls on your Android device, first, you must open your device settings. You can access your settings on your device by taking down the notification shade, tapping the gear icon, or searching for the app called settings in your app drawer before opening it.
  • Then, it would help if you started by opening your SIM card’s settings by going to your Network and wifi menus within your settings application.
  • Once you have accessed your SIM card’s settings, you must find the Airtel SIM card and tap your Airtel number.
  • Once you are in the Airtel connections settings on your phone and if your device is compatible with Airtel wifi calling calling, you’ll be able to see the option ‘Make calls via wifi.’ (Note that the title of the wifi calling option may vary depending on the brand of the device)

How do I enable Airtel wifi calling on iOS?

  • To allow Airtel wifi calling calls on an iOS device, you’ll need to go to the device’s settings within the Settings app on the home screen.
  • You must find the settings for the Phone application within the Settings menu on your iPhone. After you have found it, you must launch your Phone App’s location.
  • In the Phone app’s settings, there is an option that states “Wifi calling” in the primary category of Calls. Open the settings for ‘Wifi calling.
  • If you select the “Wifi Calling” option, the option ‘Wifi calling on this iPhone will be turned off initially. Once you tap on the setting, the Airtel wifi calling Calling function will be activated for your Apple device.

What happens if I cannot find the wifi Calling function on either the screen of my Android and iOS device?

You may be unable to find the ‘Make calls Over wifi setting within your SIM card settings on your device. There could be two main reasons for having this problem. The reason you are experiencing the issue of not seeing “Make Calls Over wifi” options are:

  1. Your phone may not be able to have wifi calling. Wifi calling feature as of yet.
  2. Your device may not be up-to-date to allow the use of wifi over calls.

If you’re unable to find the ‘Make Calls Over wifi’ option due to the above reasons, it could make it to your device within the next few months. There is, however, the possibility that your device manufacturer may have released the OTA (Over the air) update that includes the necessary software to work with the feature.

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How do I utilize wifi Calling on Android and iOS devices?

A lot of users are unsure of how to utilize wifi Calling on their devices. There isn’t any specific app to use wifi Calling for both Android as well as iOS devices. All you have to do is activate your Airtel Wireless Calling feature on your device by following the steps above. It is then possible to call and make calls using your Android and iOS device with the wifi calling feature.

What exactly is wifi calling?

Wifi calls are a mobile feature being utilized by several major carriers. The wifi calling feature allows customers to call and make calls using wifi (when they connect with wifi networks) with their existing cellular connection.

There is a cost to making use of wifi Calling?

Airtel offers the wifi Calling service at no additional cost. Users don’t have to pay additional fees for the use of wifi Calling. Airtel’s wifi Calling service is free and is compatible with the current tariff plans.

Is wifi calls better than regular calls or VoLTE?

Support for wifi Calling, users can expect improved reception from their mobiles and better call connectivity in the remotest locations. Wifi Calling will not only allow users to make voice calls using wifi (like those in VoLTE) (similar to the Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) feature); however, it also allows users to receive and make video calls from their cell networks using wifi.

Do I require a particular broadband connection to use Airtel wifi calling Calling?

When Airtel launched their wifi calling service for current Airtel connectivity, they could only work on Airtel’s Airtel XFiber Broadband Network. But, following the recent release, Airtel has extended the benefit of Airtel wifi calling Calling across all broadband and networks connections. This means that users will be able to make and receive wifi calls from the top wifi provider networks.

Are you sure? Airtel wifi calling calling be available in my region?

When Airtel’s wifi calling feature was introduced, the quality was initially available only in the New Delhi and NCR regions. But, in the latest version, Airtel has increased the areas where it offers Airtel wifi calling calling. According to the Airtel website, the list of locations that will be able to avail of Airtel wifi calling calling is now Haryana, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, UP (East), and UP (West), Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Tamil Nadu.

Does wifi call impact the life of my battery on my device?

There is no evidence to suggest a significant impact on the effects of wifi calling on the batteries of smartphones. As of the writing time, we have not received any reports that have indicated battery drain issues following the activation of this wifi Calling feature on smartphones.

My device will overheat if I am using wifi for calling?

The connection between overheating and the use of this wifi Calling feature has not been proven. As of the writing time, there have been no reports that mention smartphones becoming overheated due to the extensive usage of wifi calling.

List of Airtel wifi Calling phones | Airtel wifi calling supported devices

These devices are included on the Airtel list of devices supported by Airtel that are shared with Airtel through their official website.


Release history 

DateModel nameModel number(s)
SeptemberSamsung Galaxy F42 5G
  • SM-E426
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G
  • SM-M526
Samsung Galaxy M22
  • SM-M225
AugustSamsung Galaxy M32 5G
  • SM-M326
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
  • SM-A528
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G
  • SM-F926B
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
  • SM-F711B
JulySamsung Galaxy F22
  • SM-E225
JuneSamsung Galaxy M32
  • SM-M325
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
  • SM-A226
Samsung Galaxy A22
  • SM-A225
MaySamsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE
  • SM-T730
  • SM-T736B
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
  • SM-T220
  • SM-T225
Samsung Galaxy F52 5G
  • SM-E526
AprilSamsung Galaxy M42 5G
  • SM-M426
Samsung Galaxy F02s
  • SM-E025
Samsung Galaxy F12
  • SM-F127
MarchSamsung Galaxy A72
  • SM-A725
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
  • SM-A526
Samsung Galaxy A52
  • SM-A525
Samsung Galaxy A32
  • SM-A325
Samsung Galaxy M62
  • SM-M625
FebruarySamsung Galaxy F62
  • SM-E625
Samsung Galaxy M12
  • SM-M127
Samsung Galaxy M02
  • SM-M022
JanuarySamsung Galaxy A02
  • SM-A022
Samsung Galaxy S21
  • SM-G991
Samsung Galaxy S21+
  • SM-G996
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • SM-G998
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • SM-A326
Samsung Galaxy M02s
  • SM-M025
NovemberSamsung Galaxy A02s
  • SM-A025
Samsung Galaxy A12
  • SM-A125
Samsung Galaxy M21s
  • SM-M217
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
  • SM-A426
OctoberSamsung Galaxy F41
  • SM-F415
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  • SM-G780 (LTE), SM-G781 (5G)
SeptemberSamsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  • SM-F916B
Samsung Galaxy M51
  • SM-M515
AugustSamsung Galaxy Note 20
  • SM-N980 (LTE), SM-N981 (5G)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
  • SM-N985 (LTE), SM-N986 (5G)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  • SM-F707
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • SM-T870, SM-T875, SM-T876B
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
  • SM-T970, SM-T976B
Samsung Galaxy M31s
  • SM-M317
JulySamsung Galaxy A01 Core
  • SM-A013
Samsung Galaxy M01s
  • SM-M017
JuneSamsung Galaxy M01
  • SM-M015
MaySamsung Galaxy A21s
  • SM-A217
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
  • SM-A716F
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
  • SM-A516F
Samsung Galaxy A21
  • SM-A215
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
  • SM-P610N, SM-P615
MarchSamsung Galaxy S20
  • SM-G980 (LTE), SM-G981 (5G)
Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • SM-G985 (LTE), SM-G986 (5G)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • SM-G988
Samsung Galaxy M11
  • SM-M115
Samsung Galaxy A31
  • SM-A315
Samsung Galaxy A41
  • SM-A415
Samsung Galaxy M21
  • SM-M215
Samsung Galaxy A11
  • SM-A115
FebruarySamsung Galaxy M31
  • SM-M315
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • SM-F700
JanuarySamsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G
  • SM-T866N
Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro
  • SM-G715F
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  • SM-N770F
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
  • SM-G770F
DecemberSamsung Galaxy A01
  • SM-A015
Samsung Galaxy A71
  • SM-A715
Samsung Galaxy A51
  • SM-A515
OctoberSamsung Galaxy M30s
  • SM-M307
Samsung Galaxy A20s
  • SM-A207
SeptemberSamsung Galaxy M10s
  • SM-M107
Samsung Galaxy A70s
  • SM-A707
Samsung Galaxy A50s
  • SM-A507
Samsung Galaxy A30s
  • SM-A307
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G
  • SM-A908
Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • SM-F900 (LTE), SM-F907 (5G)
AugustSamsung Galaxy A10s
  • SM-A107
Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • SM-A102
Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • SM-N970 (LTE); SM-N971 (5G)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  • SM-N975F (LTE); SM-N976 (5G)
JuneSamsung Galaxy M40
  • SM-M405
AprilSamsung Galaxy S10 5G
  • SM-G977
Samsung Galaxy View 2
  • SM-T920 (Wi-Fi); SM-T927 (EMEA); SM-T927A (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy A60
  • SM-A606
Samsung Galaxy A80
  • SM-A805
Samsung Galaxy A70
  • SM-A705
Samsung Galaxy A40
  • SM-A405
Samsung Galaxy A20
  • SM-A205
Samsung Galaxy A20e
  • SM-A202
Samsung Galaxy A2 Core
  • SM-A260
MarchSamsung Galaxy S10+
  • SM-G975
Samsung Galaxy S10
  • SM-G973
Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • SM-G970
Samsung Galaxy A50
  • SM-A505
Samsung Galaxy A30
  • SM-A305
Samsung Galaxy A10
  • SM-A105
FebruarySamsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  • SM-T720 (Wi-FI); SM-T725 (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
  • SM-T510 (Wi-FI); SM-T515 (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy M30
  • SM-M305
JanuarySamsung Galaxy M10
  • SM-M105
Samsung Galaxy M20
  • SM-M205
DecemberSamsung Galaxy A8s
  • SM-G887
NovemberSamsung Galaxy A6s
  • SM-G6200
OctoberSamsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
  • SM-A920
SeptemberSamsung Galaxy A7 (2018)
  • SM-A750
Samsung Galaxy J4+
  • SM-J415
Samsung Galaxy J6+
  • SM-J610
AugustSamsung Galaxy Note 9
  • SM-N960
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018)
  • SM-T590 (Wi-Fi); SM-T595 (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • SM-T830 (Wi-Fi); SM-T835 (LTE)
Samsung Galaxy Watch
JulySamsung Galaxy J8 (2018)
  • SM-J800
Samsung Galaxy On6
  • SM-J600G (India)
JuneSamsung Galaxy A8 Star[19]
  • SM-G8850
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018)
  • SM-J737
MaySamsung Galaxy A6 (2018)
  • SM-A600
Samsung Galaxy A6+ (2018)
  • SM-A605
Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018)
  • SM-J400
Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018)
  • SM-J600
AprilSamsung Galaxy J3 Duo
  • SM-J720
MarchSamsung Galaxy J4 Prime 2
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018)
  • SM-G611
FebruarySamsung Galaxy S9
  • SM-G960
Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • SM-G965
JanuarySamsung Galaxy J4 Pro (2018)
  • SM-J250
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2018)[20]
  • SM-A530
Samsung Galaxy A5+ (2018)
  • SM-A730


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