Airtel wrong recharge reversal (UPDATED) 2022

Airtel wrong recharge reversal

It is common for users to might recharge with the incorrect Airtel call number in a rush. In this case, the Airtel incorrect recharge reversal procedure 2021 is needed to fix the issue. There are three ways to alter the reverse of your Airtel recharge.

  1. Contact Airtel Customer Care for Airtel wrong recharge reversal
  2. Use WRR ( Wrong Recharge Reversal Airtel) SMS Format
  3. Mitra App to Airtel Reversing a wrongly charged recharge 2021

There are numerous Airtel recharge plans that you could wish to recharge every month using Rs. 79 or 23 Airtel Recharge and quarterly recharge (Rs. 599 or Rs598), and Yearly Plans. With the small number of recharges, there are times when people fail to reverse that transaction. Still, the annual or quarterly and yearly plans are responsible for the costs if they are recharged with an incorrect Airtel telephone number. Therefore, to prevent customers from problems, Airtel has developed ways to correct recharge transactions. With a text message for a wrong recharge, reverse Airtel or contact the customer support helpline to fix this issue. Number recharge Airtel number problem.

If you’re experiencing a lack of daily data allowance, then use the Airtel Booster Pack. Airtel Booster Pack.

Airtel Wrong Recharge Reversal SMS Format

If there is an error in the Airtel recharge with the prepaid number, Users can make text message: Send a text message 51619 51619 with the WRR (wrong amount) the transaction’s number) the amount (the right amount).

Example: WRR (Airtel wrong recharge reversal) 9827XXXXXX 170852548XXXXX 598 9256XXXXXX

This will allow you to transfer Airtel’s wrong balance of recharge to the correct Airtel number.

If you want to reverse the balance to your Airtel telephone number, Contact the Airtel support team 24 hours a day, 7 days seven days a week.

Contact Airtel Customer Care

Contacting the Airtel customer support number or calling them by mail can assist you in resolving this issue with the wrong recharge. After thorough verification through the Airtel support staff, you’ll receive funds for recharge to the correct Airtel number. In this scenario, it’s a lengthy procedure, and if someone utilizes the incorrect recharge balance, there is a less likely chance to return that transaction.

If you want a quick solution, you can try the incorrect Recharge Reversal Airtel SMS service or go directly to the nearest Airtel Store or Support centre to resolve the issue.

You must collect this information before rectifying the incorrect charge.

  • Your correct Airtel phone number
  • Incorrect phone number
  • Amount
  • Identification of the transaction

Wrong Recharge Reversal Via Mitra App

Alternately, if you own an older Mitra App to complete the Airtel Recharge Plan, then it is simple for you to reverse recharge.

  • Navigate to “My Transaction” >”Recent Transaction”.
  • Click on the incorrect Airtel recharge.
  • Now you can look up the Phone Number. Edit it by entering the correct Airtel number.

It could take 15 minutes or more, depending on the time needed to cancel the recharge request.

Notification: All methods should correct the wrong number within 24 hours (also before using charge account balance); otherwise, it will be brutal to fix the incorrect recharge.

On our forum, numerous users have posted a variety of questions and concerns that we have addressed. I hope you’ve found the steps to take for Airtel incorrect recharge reversal procedure 2021, in case you’ve made a mistake in your recharge with Airtel. We have also answered that query below and find it helpful.

What can I do to claim the amount due to Airtel being incorrectly charged?

Just type the wrong recharge reverse Airtel 2021 number in the format described in the SMS: “WRR [Space] Transaction ID [space] Wrong Number [space# The correct number and then send the code to the 51619 number via text message. When you do this, Airtel reverses a wrong recharge in 2021, and you’ll be getting rid of a lousy recharge.

Can I change my Airtel plan after recharge?

On your phone, Download and install the “My Airtel app”. Utilize your phone number to activate the application. In the corner of the application, click the 3 dots horizontally. In the pop-up menu, choose Change Plan.


Airtel Thanks App – Click Here 

Airtel Payment Bank – Click Here 

Check your Airtel Number – Click Here

Airtel Broadband Router – Click Here


Airtel Recharge Plans & Offers for Prepaid List

Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
100 MB Combo 3G Data Pack1 day9
100 MB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack1 day12
200 MB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack2 days19
200 MB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack2 days23
Combo Topup – Rs. 24 Promo TalktimeN.A.24
Combo Topup – Rs. 26 Promo Talktime28 days35
500 MB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack7 days59
500 MB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack8 days64
1 GB Combo 3G Data Pack28 days75
Combo Topup – Rs. 26 Promo Talktime28 days76

Airtel Broadband Plans 2021 

Plan NameData FUPSpeedCallingMonthly RentalExtra Benifits
BasicUnlimited InternetUp to 40MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹499Airtel wrong recharge reversal (UPDATED) 2022
StandardUnlimited InternetUp to 100MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹799Airtel wrong recharge reversal (UPDATED) 2022
EntertainmentUnlimited InternetUp to 200MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹999Airtel wrong recharge reversal (UPDATED) 2022
ProfessionalUnlimited InternetUp to 300MbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹1499Airtel wrong recharge reversal (UPDATED) 2022
InfinityUnlimited InternetUp to 1GbpsUnlimited
Local/STD Calls
₹3999Airtel wrong recharge reversal (UPDATED) 2022

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