Free 10 Gb Data on Airtel | Free Data on Airtel Number



  • Airtel 4G SIM Card Fully Functional with Atleast 30 Day Usage
  • Airtel 4G Network area
  • Smartphone/Handset with 4G Support
  • In the last 30 days, no Airtel Paid Internet Plan was activated
  • Airtel missed call numbers
  • Lucky (As the Offer is User-Specific)

As I wrote above, This Airtel Miss Call & 10 GB Offer is account specific. If you fill out the required fields, then there are higher chances that you will receive Airtel 10 GB of data free of charge by giving miss call.

Airtel 10GB Data Free Missed Call Number:-

1. First, make sure you are using an Airtel 4G SIM and a 4G handset

2. You just need to dial the number below and miss call on this


3. Suddenly, a call will drop and you will receive a message

4. If you are eligible, then you will receive a congratulations message. If not, then you will see the “Sorry this offer is not available for your SIM” text.

5. Congratulations! Call The 5999555 Number to Get 10GB of Data Free!

You can now check your credit score using this method Airtel Balance Check NumberTo check this 10GB data, dial 12151# or download it by pressing the button below My Airtel App

Get more details about this Airtel 10GB Data Free Offer

  • This offer is only available to selected users and is account-specific.
  • You will receive 10GB of 4G data free
  • This 10 GB data is valid for 10 days from the day it was received
  • Only 4G-enabled smartphones will receive the free data
  • Airtel holds all rights to this offer & it may be withdrawn at any time as determined by Airtel
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