How to check airtel number


How to check airtel number

How to check my airtel number

Method 1 to check your Airtel Mobile Number

This is the simplest method to get your mobile number.

Insert your SIM card into your mobile phone. You must verify that you have activated your Airtel Sim card.

Open the phone dialer and dial this USSD Code: *282#. Click on the Call button.

Your mobile phone will display a flash message containing your number. This message reads, “Hi Your Mobile No. It is: xxxxxxxxxxxx. Do not forget to take down your mobile number.

Method 2 to check your USSD code number for your mobile phone airtel number

This is exactly the same method as the one above. This time, however, you’ll use another code.

Insert your Airtel SIM in your phone.

Open the Mobile Phone App

Dial the USSD code: 1211#

You will receive a flash message immediately after dialing this USSD phone number. It contains a special deal. Click OK.

You will receive another flash message within a matter of seconds containing your Airtel number.

Method 3 to check your airtel mobile number

Dial the USSD Code 121 or 198 from your mobile phone.

Airtel Customer Service will reach you by phone

Click 1 for “Mobile Services”.

The IRV will inform you of your mobile number and balance.

Method 4 to check your airtel mobile number

Download MyAirtel App from

Go to MyAirtel App’s homepage

You will have access to your Airtel number and plans for your SIM.

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