How to check airtel number

How to check airtel number

How to check airtel number

Here are steps to find your Airtel mobile number and Airtel balance check number

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Yesterday, I purchased the Airtel 4G SIM at Airtel Store. Airtel has amazing offers for 4G users. Airtel offers 10GB of free data to all users who miss a call. The best part is that the SIM can be purchased Airtel free internet tricks.

Unpacking The SIM made me think, “What’s my Airtel Mobile Number?” Because the mobile number was not mentioned on SIM Card Cover, yes. Second, because the number is so new it will be difficult to remember & I am not going to take SIM Cover everywhere with me.

I searched Google for the answer to How to Check My Airtel Mobile Number and Airtel Balance Check Number. As a new user to airtel, I am not familiar with these USSD codes. Finally, after a few tries, I was able to find my Airtel Mobile number.

This could also happen to you. So here is the full compilation of methods to check your airtel number and balance. You Can Find Your Airtel Number in Just 1 Second With These Latest and Working Methods.

Method 1: How do I find my Airtel Mobile number?

There are four ways to verify your Airtel number. I’ll explain them all one by one.

This simplest MethodAccess All to instantly find your Airtel number & data balance

1) First, simply insert your SIM card into your mobile phone and activate it.

2. 2.

3. You just need to dial this USSD Code*282#

4. Click on the Green Call Button

5. Instantly, You’ll See It“Flash message”You can see your Airtel Number on the screen below

“Hi, Your Mobile number. I’m : *********

6. Take down your Airtel number.

7. This is It…

Method 2: How Do You Find Your Airtel Mobile Phone Number?

1, This method is the same as Method No.1 posted above, but with a different code

2. Simply insert your activated Airtel SIM into your device

3. 2. Open the Mobile Phone App

4. Use this USSD code to dial:1211#

5. After dialling, you’ll instantly receive your 1st Flash message with a special offer click OKIt

6. You’ll Receive Your Certificate in Just a Few Seconds Flash Message #2On Screen – Check it out – It contains Your Airtel Mobile number

7. Take Note of This for Later Use.

Method 3: How do you find your Airtel mobile number?

I hope you already have your Airtel Mobile number. You can use Methods 1 and 2 above. If you still have problems, this method can be used.

1, First Of All, Simply Open The Dial AppGet it on Your Phone

2. Dial This Number 121 order 198

3. Call Will ConnectedAirtel Customer Support

4. Click 1 for “Mobile Services

5. Next Step IRV will speak your mobile number, your balance & data balance & validity of your date with date

6. Take down everything including your Airtel mobile number

7. Thank you

Method 4: How Do You Check Your Airtel Mobile Number?

This method takes a little longer than other methods.

1, The First Of AllGet or update My Airtel app play store Starting Here

2. Sign in now with your Airtel SIM

3. Go to The Homepage App for My Airtel

4. Below Screen is available on the App’s Home Page

5. This contains almost all activated plans of your Airtel SIM. The validity, Your Airtel Number, Your Airtel Data Balance, Expiry, etc.

6. You can also use my Airtel app to recharge your Airtel mobile phone number or for Airtel payment bank purpose.


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