How to QnA | Airtel DTH Channel List

1.How to see the Airtel DTH channel list and application details?
On pressing the guide’ button on the remote, you will have the ability to see the Airtel channel listing. It is possible to browse through this channel listing and highlight and program to find information about its own genre. You can even browse through the user guide supplied with the mailbox for more details.

2. How to search for a specific program?
An individual can view what’s Playing Now’ section to find a glimpse of the programs. the blue’ button on the remote will allow you to open the hunt box. Here you can just type the first 2 characters of your program and see the listing of programs beginning with both of these characters.

3. The way to put an Airtel Digital TV station list as a favorite?
Airtel allows you to set around 15 Airtel DTH station list as favorites for all of the members of the family from the complete Airtel channel list. To be able to set an Airtel DTH channel listing as your favorite, you want to press the green Key’ in the distance while the miniguide’ is on.

How to handle the EPG works?
My Settings menu contains distinct options like Manage Reminders, Parental Control, picking EPG / Audio language, choosing the length of pop up and telling, screensaver timeout, etc.. Please refer to the user manual for specifics.

The Way to contact Airtel?
You can reach the Airtel DTH customer care in the following numbers

0124 – 4448080 (North)
020 – 44448080 (West)
033 – 44448080 (East)
080 – 44448080 (South)
020-40181400 (Toll-Free)
12150 (Airtel Number)

6. The way to close the EPG and see my program?
On pressing the exit’ button you will have the ability to see TV. Still, if the problem persists you can get in touch with Airtel DTH customer care numbers.

What’s DD Sports channel amount in Airtel Dth?
Which are the sports channel figures in Airtel?
You can watch the most popular sports channels on Airtel with this Sports Channel numbers listing:

Sony ESPN: 296
Sony Measure 1: 285
Star Sports 1: 277
Neo Sports: 293

9. What is the celebrity sports station amount around Airtel DTH?
Airtel DTH Sports Channel amounts are:

Star Sports 1: 277
Star Sports 2: 279
Star Sports First: 303
Star Sports Hindi 1: 281
Star Sports Select 1: 283
Star Sports Select 2: 284

10. Where can I see Ramayana and Mahabharat on Airtel DTH?
A. If you’re subscribed to Airtel DTH and care to relive your childhood by watching the most epic TV serials of times then you’re able to grab the telecast of Ramayana and Mahabharat on station variety 148 around Airtel. It is possible to subscribe to Airtel DTH support and find an uninterrupted service. Airtel has different plans and Airtel DTH station list for subscription one can choose as per their needs.

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