How to Set Caller Tune in Airtel for free

How to Set Caller Tune in Airtel for free

  • There are mainly three ways to set your hi tune In Airtel, that are recorded below:

Through Wynk Music App.
From Indian to International songs, the Wynk music app has countless tunes. IOS and Android users can download the program and stream music of various artists, genres, and music. In addition, but you can also set some of the tunes as your hello tune which, also, without even paying a penny. This attribute is free in all the Airtel programs over Rs. 129. You can pick out of 40 million + tunes across 15 languages as the caller tune. Moreover, you can change it as many times that you want in a month that also free. In addition, there wouldn’t be any activation and renewal charges. Scroll down to understand steps by step process to activate caller tune from Airtel via Wynk mobile program.

  • First things first, get into the Wynk Music program or whenever you have already installed it onto your smartphone, then upgrade it.
  • Open the program and go to hello Songs’.
  • Enter the genre/artist or song which you would like to earn your caller tune.
  • Select your tune and click on Activate Hellotune.
  • Shortly, your hi song would be triggered 30 times.
  • Measures to Activate Caller Song on Airtel Number via Call
  • If you locate the above-listed method of time taking, you can merely change or place your caller song by means of a call. How? Let us find out!
  • Call on 543215 (toll-free number) from the registered Airtel number
  • Listen to the IVR menu.
  • Select the terminology and name of the tune you would like to create your caller song.
  • Shortly, you’ll receive options of tunes to pick from as your hello tune.
  • Select your song, and it would be set as your caller song
  • The way to set Caller Song in Airtel from SMS?
  • Besides the above methods, Airtel subscribers may make their caller songs via USSD codes. Follow these simple measures to trigger Airtel hello tune via SMS.

Shortly you’ll get a flash message comprising alternatives of all the tunes from you, which you can decide on the one as your own Airtel tune.
As an alternative, you could type the name of the song in the search option.
You can also connect with the Airtel customer care team for the hello song.
In the event you would like to set Bangla music as your caller tune, you need to follow these steps.

  • Dial 22700 (toll-free amount ) to your IVR number.
  • To subscribe to the selected song-type CT Start and send it to 23123.
  • To activate the song, kind CT and send it to 23123.
  • Decision:
    There could be even more soothing to your ears compared to some fantastic music! You can now make some of your favorite music as your own hello tune and deal with your callers with the latest songs that also for free. All you may need to do is download the Wynk Music app. Besides this, there are a few additional ways also that can help you activate your Airtel hello song without any hassle.


  • How do I set a free caller tune in Airtel?
    You may either download the Wynk music program or set Airtel hello tune via SMS.
  • What are techniques to prevent caller song service at Airtel?
    You are able to deactivate or stop the Airtel caller song with USSD code 22788900#.
  • How to set caller tune in Airtel without Wynk music?
    Airtel users can form *678# to set hello song without downloading the Wynk Music program.
  • 4. How do you copy somebody’s caller tune in Airtel?
    While listening to others’ caller song, press to place it as your Airtel hello tune.
  • The way to set name-caller song in Airtel?
    Type an SMS- NT and send it to 543215 (toll-free number). Choose the name in the list and put it as your caller tune.
  • How do I restore my Airtel Hello Tune?
    Once the validity of your Airtel program finishes you can recharge your amount with any of this plan and then reset the caller tune through Wynk music app.
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